Lithgow Development Strategies

Lithgow City Council has been proactively preparing a number of strategies to frame, guide and facilitate opportunities for growth and development across the Lithgow LGA. These strategies have included extensive key stakeholder and community engagement during their preparation and all aim to assist in the diversification and strengthening of the Lithgow and Central West Regional economy.

Lithgow City Land Use Strategy 2010-2030


The Strategy, being the Lithgow Land Use Strategy 2010-2030, is a combined Land Use Issues Paper and Strategy. It explores the issues that currently face the Lithgow LGA and recommends a new planning approach to address these issues. The Strategy will be implemented through the planning system, primarily through a new Local Environmental Plan and Development Control Plan, as well as Council’s other, policy, regulatory and governance functions.

View more information about the Land Use Strategy

Lithgow City Local Environmental Plan 2014

Objectives or Intended Outcomes

To implement a Standard Instrument LEP (SI LEP) across the Lithgow Local Government Area (LGA) that will repeal and replace the two environmental planning instruments that apply to the area: Lithgow Local Environmental Plan 1994 and Rylstone Local Environmental Plan 1996.

This  Revised Planning Proposal for the Lithgow City LEP 2014 seeks to implement Council’s key strategic directions arising from the Lithgow Land Use Strategy 2010-2030 (LUS) adopted by Council on 31 October 2011 and formally endorsed by the Director General of NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure on 24 May 2012. More specifically the Adopted Draft LEP as revised following community consultation and Council’s resolutions of February 3, and 24 March 2014 will: 

  • Provide a suite of land use zones to accord with the Standard Instrument LEP and support the strategic directions of the LUS;
  • Provide 50 ha of new general industrial  zoned land at Marrangaroo and 104ha of heavy industrial  zoned land at, Wallerawang on the site of the former proposed Mineral’s Processing Park;
  • Provide  26.15 ha of new light industrial land zoned land (including 7.07ha post exhibition) at Wallerawang/Lidsdale;
  • Identify a 310ha urban release area at Marrangaroo to provide for future growth in residential and allied urban land use and to ensure potential further growth is not compromised in the short term;
  • Provide a suite of land use zones to replace the Village Zone in the towns of Portland and Wallerawang;
  • Consolidate the commercial centre of Lithgow and differentiate the role of the commercial core and out of centre commercial areas through adopting a range of business zones;
  • Provide an additional net gain of business zoned lands in the LGA of approximately 90ha  
  • Modify the zoning of land in the villages of Capertee, Rydal, Tarana and Lidsdale to consolidate village zoned lands and provide for large lot residential growth to support each village commensurate with its role in the settlement hierarchy;
  • Retain existing provisions in relation to rural minimum lot size in the rural areas and provide consistent rural planning development standards for the erection of a dwelling across the LGA particularly as they relate to the RU1 and RU2 zones.
  • Retain existing areas available for unsewered large lot residential land use with the exception of the area to the northeast of Lidsdale;
  • Provide for serviced large lot residential areas at Lidsdale and on the southern urban fringe of Lithgow;
  • Contain provisions to protect the natural environment;
  • Contain provisions to align development growth with the provision of essential infrastructure;
  • Provide for the protection and conservation of items and areas of environmental heritage;
  • Classify or reclassify a number of public lands to accord with the provisions of the Local Government Act, 1993.
  • Defer the zoning of part of the former Cement Works site at Portland to enable further environmental studies to determine an appropriate translation of zoning and landuse for the site.

View more information about the LEP

Economic Development Strategy 2015-2020

Lithgow City Council has recently updated the 2010-2014 Economic Development Strategy to become the 2015-2020 Economic Development Strategy. The Strategy aims to proactively support the diversification of the Lithgow economy while recognising that our existing mining and energy industries remain key drivers for local employment and economic growth.

View the  Lithgow Economic Development Strategy 2015 (328 downloads)

2015 Lithgow Investment Prospectus

Lithgow City Council recently prepared the 2015 Lithgow Investment Prospectus. This key promotional tool identifies why investing, living and working in Lithgow makes such great sense.

View the Lithgow Investment Prospectus


Lithgow Business and Retail Strategy

Lithgow City Council prepared the Lithgow Business and Retail Strategy to frame the ongoing viability and planned expansion/consolidation of the retail and service sectors within the Lithgow town centre as well as Wallerawang and Portland villages.

View the Lithgow Business and Retail Strategy

Cultural Precinct Study

Lithgow City Council prepared the Cultural Precinct Study to identify opportunities to create a Cultural Precinct between the top end of Main St and The Blast Furnace Park area. The proposed Cultural Precinct contains a high concentration of historic/heritage sites and buildings, proximity to established tourist destinations and existing cultural infrastructure. Key elements within the Cultural Precinct include the Union Theatre, Eskbank Station, Eskbank House and Museum, Blast Furnace Park and Lake Pillans.

View the Cultural Precinct Study

Tourism Destination Management Plan

Lithgow City Council prepared the Lithgow Destination Management Plan during 2014 to spearhead the further development and growth of the tourism industry within the Lithgow LGA.  The Plan seeks to capitalise on the areas unique mix of attractions including its industrial heritage, natural environment, water based recreation, and diverse range of accommodation options.

View the Lithgow Tourism Destination Management Plan

Lithgow CBD Revitalisation Action Plan

Lithgow City Council is currently preparing a comprehensive revitalisation Action Plan for the Lithgow CBD.  The Action Plan will identify improvements to car parking, vehicle access, public domain spaces, streetscape amenity, as well as identify opportunities for the activation of key development sites.

View the Lithgow CBD Revitalisation Action Plan webpage for all the latest project updates.

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